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Ant Clifford

Ant Clifford
➤ Magnificent Marketing | Delightful Design

What is there to say about Ant? Song-writing, chicken-coop-building, exuberantly artistic father-of-four, if there is anything good to be said about him, he'll probably say it himself. He could've been a rockstar but luckily for our clients, the world of design and internet was the one he chose to bless with his talents.

Although a hyperactive child, Ant busked his way through his teens and graduated in Fine Art from Chichester University. He has been designing and building websites since the late 90s. Ant co-founded Creative Stream in 2006, and has taken it from strength to strength as Creative Director ever since.

He'll probably tell you all of this himself, but I might as well mention that his favourite software programme is Flash, he loves moths, he is gluten-intolerant, saxophones make him feel queasy and he'll play you the Titanic theme on a tin whistle if you so much as mention Leonardo di Caprio.

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Jess Salazar

Jess Salazar
➤ Delectable Design | Wonderful Writing

She may seem the most normal at first glance, but Jess is Creative Stream's resident mad person. As a pedant she is writing a comic strip to teach grammar and also has a natural genius for copywriting.

After studying Hispanic Studies at Sheffield University she travelled the world spending time particularly in Bolivia and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese (and wrestles at French). She returned to Sheffield to raise her three beautiful children / monkeys and became a visiting lecturer (a visit lasting 8 years) at Sheffield College in Spanish and English. However her love of arty stuff (and in particular paisley) brought her to Creative Stream as a designer and is almost unnaturally obsessed with colour.

When she has the time she joins Hattie in a climbing expedition where her children show them both up as wusses, and she has a full survival plan for when the zombies come. Next task, learn to fly a helicopter.

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Ian MacInnes

Ian MacInnes
➤ Cool Coding | Amazing (Software) Architect

Ian is obviously a glutton for punishment. He was Creative Stream’s second ever employee nearly 10 years ago, and with Ant created the Content Management System which is still the backbone of the business. After a while he saw the light and went to work for an insurance training compliance company; but when we asked him to come back and do interesting stuff for us as Technical Director, he began to dream about developing the best CMS ever and came running.

Ian’s Anglo-Danish heritage gives him a quiet, wry outlook on life, dousing any office panic with an "Okay, let’s see what we can do about this...". He’s worked for many years as a software and website developer mainly in PHP and C#, and finds it terrifying how flawed computers are on so many levels, but seems able to tame them quite adequately. Since he hates being alone, working from home again was a difficult prospect, but we found a solution which suits us all brilliantly: his calming presence 200 miles away is streamed to us via webcam in exchange for our warm companionship, and he can hit mute whenever he likes!

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Hattie Robinson

Hattie Robinson
➤ Outstanding Operations | Fabulous Finances

Hattie has never killed a man, as far as we know.

Whilst she can be found potholing, climbing, mountain biking and slacklining in the peak district at all times of the day and night, she can also apply perfect makeup, action an invoice, do a pirouette and tell you what season you are.

She studied Geography, Criminology and Russian at Keele University, and is quite good at cryptic crosswords and sleeping - but if you think you can beat her at either of these to avoid paying your bills, you would be wrong.

She manages our office with a rod of iron, so we are all really, really scared of her.

She is an enigma and, I've just realised, possibly a Russian spy.

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Creative Stream Super Team - Ant Clifford, Jess Salazar, Hattie Robinson, Ian MacInnes

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